I did my undergrad work at Ithaca College. A beautiful setting, an extraordinary music program, and some of the most important, formative years of my life. (I was flattered that they profiled me as a “Renaissance Man” in a recent Ithaca Quarterly!)

Grad study was at Brooklyn College. At the suggestion of my Ithaca flute teacher, Georgetta Maiolo, I contacted her former teacher, Bernard Z. Goldberg, former principal flutist of the Pittsburgh Symphony. He mentioned that, at the time, he taught at Carnegie-Mellon in Pittsburgh and at Brooklyn College, and that Brooklyn was a lot cheaper! That, coupled with the fact that New York offered boundless adventure and culture, and it was settled., and for the music department

Ah…New York!

I ended up meeting the love of my life while in New York, while waiting in line for student rush tickets for the New York Philharmonic. We shared a beautiful brownstone in Park Slope – close to the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the beautiful Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and the Brooklyn Museum, as well as Prospect Park, prior to moving to the Bay Area in 2002.

While based in Brooklyn, I was very much involved with the Brooklyn Heights Orchestra as a soloist, orchestra member, and board member. It’s a terrific community orchestra, led by the dynamic conductor, Nick Armstrong.

See also my link to Radio/Voiceover, and my association with WNYC radio.

I still perform extensively “back east” and am artistic director for an annual series of chamber music concerts at the spectacular Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire.

In the San Francisco Bay Area:

I’m very pleased to be associated with public radio station KALW, and am on their announcing staff.

I play piccolo and assistant principal flute in the Peninsula Symphony, a 55-year-old community orchestra under the brilliant leadership of Mitch Sardou-Klein.


While in the Bay Area, I’ve developed a terrific flute and harp duo with harpist Michael Steadman. (You can hear some of his playing at my Flute/Voice link on this site)

Susan Knapp is one of the first harpists I ever worked with, and one of the finest! We’ve done concerts and gigs together, and performed this past summer in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire. (You can hear her, too, at my Flute/Voice link!)

Darmon Meader is one of most gifted musicians I know. We went to Ithaca together, and it was Darmon who introduced me to the Mount Washington Hotel which began an association that has lasted close to twenty years. He’s a great friend, and the founder and arranger of one of the tightest jazz groups around today, the New York Voices.

Speaking of The Mount Washington, Peter Eldridge (also of the aforementioned NY Voices) has one of the most sensual voices in the jazz world. I first met Peter up at the Mt. Wash. He’s a truly gifted songwriter and producer.

The Other Minds organization is a treasure. They present an annual new music festival here in San Francisco, and their artistic director, Charles Amirkhanian, is working on an archival project to restore the hundreds of hours of tapes involving musicians he showcased on KPFA as music director.

Sarah Cahill is a fantastic pianist and radio host. I sub for her on occasion at KALW.


If you’ve never visited, do! It’s got a lot of fun sound clips that you can use to replace all of those boring Microsoft sounds.

The Onion is a great place for satirical takes on the daily headlines.

What did the cyber world do before craigslist?

Much more to come…check back often!

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